About me

I've always been in love with adventures. Not the surfing with sharks, skydiving kind of thing. I don't even like roller coasters. So no, not the suicidal type. Just the curious one. The kind of person who finds nothing more exciting than getting to know something new.

I've been a small-town girl who moved to the big city, I dreamed of becoming a journalist and ended up dropping everything to study fashion. I've already been a housekeeper in a Colorado ski town and I took a roadtrio around California in a giant bathtub (a 1997 Gran Marquis) with three friends, a dozen suitcases and even skis. I've worked for Mickey in the most magical place on Earth and also spent an entire year drinking tea with the queen while studying fashion in London. I love everything about arts, creating and crafts, but my dream was always to become a writer. And that's why I'm here. In this website. The internet. This planet. To write and continue in love with stories until death do us apart.

I am from Brazil and my first language is Portuguese, but English has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. So I usually think in English, speak in Portuguese, end up writing in both languages. It depends only on the characters and setting I chose for the story. I have one book published in Portuguese, called Tudo o que ela quer (All that she wants) and I'm now working on its sequel. In English, my first book just came out. it's called Chained to you. and it's part of The Getaways series. The second book will be called Drive me mad and it's schedule for publishing on the second semester of 2018.

So yeah, this is it. All there is to know about me. Well, not all, but you know what I mean...
For more information, tips, comments, doubts or weather forecasts, send me an email at rossaserika@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here and I'll be superglad replying to it all.