Chained to you (The Getaways #1)

Charlotte Summers is dead.
She’s been dead from the moment she set foot in Europe for the first time. The new Charlie is a master in the art of pickpocketing, professional couchsurfing and hiding a lot of unprocessed grief behind all that leather and black makeup.
But even the best thieves can get caught. And in so much more than handcuffs and dirty interrogation rooms. It all started with an arrest by Interpol, but she knows exactly how it’s gonna end: dragged into the deepest corners of hell by one Alex Von Stein.
Yes, Alex. The heir to the Von Stein empire of forgeries and stolen goods. The everyday athlete with the body of a Greek god and a peculiar taste for art, history and weapons. A whole lot of weapons.
Today, he’s Prince Charming on the wrong side of the tracks. Tomorrow, he might as well be the next in line on the mafia’s hit list. With his dad gone and everyone else too scared of getting involved, any help is good help. Even if it’s the help of a devious pickpocket like Charlie.

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 The Getaways