Drive me mad (The Getaways #2)

About the things people at school say Madison did last summer, she agrees with them all. And about the things they say she does now, she agrees even more. 

She thought maybe rumors would stop if she went with the flow, only they just got worse. But her father always said that you can't have power if you let anyone find out you have weaknesses. Being the most important man in Hollywood, he knows what he's talking about. She may not have the power yet, but she's damn good at faking it.

Until things get completely out of hand and Maddie ends up in the wrong side of town with the wrong kind of people. Now one of her dad's test screening for the biggest movie of the year has just been stolen and she has absolutely no one to get help from but Liam. Tattoed Liam. Always covered in car grease Liam. Anger management sessions Liam. Oh, who is she kidding? He hasn't been to one of those in years. 

And, with a drunk stepdad, a full-time job and scars that never seem to heal, he definitely needs them. The fact that his sister has just come back from the dead is probably not helping either. But who's to say you can't fix your own problems by helping a spoiled Malibu princess solve hers? 

And who's to say you won't end up falling in love, even when it's the last thing you want?

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 The Getaways