Villa Von Stein

The exterior images are actually from Faberschloss, in the little city of, guess what, Stein, Germany.  The name was pure coincidence, but, if the castle looks familiar to you, that's because it's belonged to the Faber family for centuries. So you gather Faber with castle, castell... And you get the company that has been making our pens and pencils for God knows how long.
Their facture is still in the property and, if you ever visit Stein, you can always go on a tour, buy stationary, catch a glimpse of Alex doing push-ups somewhere.
For the interior, they are just random pics I found online that would look perfect inside the villa. The staircase is actually from Titanic, but don't tell anyone.


So, Prague. Alex hates it, Charlie loves it. It's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen, even if it's too creepy for my taste as well.

Baden Bei Wien

The casino
The view from Beethoventempel
The city theater


Hofburg palace
Belvedere gardens
Inside the state Opera


The nightclub in Barcelona is actually a mix of two parties, one in Barcelona (the part with the secret underground club with candles and red velvet everywhere is actually true. The place's name is Ocana and it's in the Plaça Reial, but the high roof and the girls hanging from sheets were inspired by this awesome party in a little town called Osnabruck, in Germany (the club's name is Alando Palais). Both these places are still pretty high one the "best night of my life" ranking, so I thought maybe I could steal them to give Alex and Charlie one of the best nights of their lives too.
But the colors of the city and the giant spotlights at the Sagrada Familia are 100% accurate.

view at night
Sagrada Familia
Passeig de Gràcia


The St Basil's cathedral + The Kremlin clock tower
Moscow's state historical museum
St. Basil's


Sunset in Paris
The Louvre
The lower margin of the Seine
Pont des Arts