Playlist Chained to you (Spoilers)

You my everything - Ellie Goulding
Alex bolts out of the convenience store to catch Charlie before she runs away. I love how the rhythm of this song makes my heart beat faster. Just the right bust of energy for the scene.

Better days - Goo Goo Dolls
"Cause tonight's the night the world begins again"
Charlie and Alex are passing by Vienna on the way to Baden. It's a bittersweet moment, a little melancholic, a little hopeful, so it deserves a proper soundtrack. I hear this song and immediately get transported to Charlie, with her head against the window, staring at the road in silence, the city lights passing right by them.

Le Moulin - Yann Tiersen (from Amelie Poulain)
Charlie's eating ice cream and listening to the operetta in Baden Bei Wien, the fancy people going into the Casino while the song plays. The accordion just sounds magic, then comes the piano with all its drama. It's how I view everything about Charlie.  She's so joyful and, at the same time, too familiar with the darkness.

Feed the beast - ARIZONA
Vi er perfekt men verden er ikke det - Astrid S
Charlie and Alex talk inside the Beethoventempel. Both these songs are from the same scene, just in different moments. I think of Feed the beast whenever I think of Alex's surprised look at the way Charlie sees things. then, the beautiful Norwegian song that I can't spell nor pronounce, is for the moment Charlie decides to stay with him.

When the beat drops out - Marlon Roudette
Alex running before getting Tarvold's call. I just imagine him getting ready for his daily routine, running through evergreens and snow and some beautiful Austrian landscape. Nothing more.

Anywhere - 112
The sexy scene in the gym. Pretty much the entire chapter. Just play it on repeat until it's done. You'll feel the vibe, I'm sure.

Suffocate - Jordan Riddle 
Alex says goodbye to Wentworth. He said himself he was suffocating, so who am I to deny the perfect song for that?

Quando me'n vo - La Bohème
Musetta's aria at the Opera. The one Alex mentions when he talks about Charlie.

Donde lieta - La Bohème
The fight scene. Because... really? You've never imagined some Mission Impossible style fight, a lot of fancy clothes getting covered in blood while the Opera plays? No? just me?

Lovely day - Alt-J
"Then I look at you and the world's alright with me. Just one look at you and I know it's gonna be a lovely day"
The original version of this song by Bill Whiters is too cheery for my taste, but Alt-J always manages to make things a little more tormented. Which is exactly how Alex feels when Charlie is stitching him up and he's thinking about kissing her.

Time to kill - Gold Youth
Charlie finds the egg. They're staring at it, completely stunned.

If God don't follow me - Adam Road
Flames going up as the house is on fire. This song is dark and dramatic and tense, there could be no better song for the moment.

Chase - Son Lux
"So will you chase or let me go?"
The first kiss.

The sound of silence - Simon & Garfunkel
This song is just here because everytime I read one particular sentence in the book, I immediately start singing it. You probably will too. It's right before Charlie tells Alex what happened to her back in California.

Disappear - Mikky Ekko
Charlie tells the story. And we all flashback to it.

Smile - Mikky Ekko
Alex wakes up for his run. I always imagine the scene starting with Alex opening his eyes. Then waiting outside the stores to buy some workout clothes. Then chorus comes and there he is, running. And also a very inspiring montage of his sit-ups and upside down push-ups. You know you wanna see them)

Atmosphere - Joy division
The depressing Joy Division song Alex talks about on the road to Prague. Aren't all Joy Division songs depressing, though? they probably are, but I love them either way.

Midnight - Coldplay
The long road to Barcelona

212 - Azaelea Banks
Think dancing and drinking and half-naked girls hanging from the ceiling in sheets. Then a lot more drinking.

I could be the one - Avicii feat. Nicki Romero
The Avicii song Charlie talks about when they're inside the club. I imagine the song a mix of fast and slow. That's why I added the sax. For the romance, of course. Then I found this guy on youtube who did exactly what I wanted for the song. can anyone please hire him for the movie soundtrack? Now you can picture out sexy couple with their hands all over each other on the dancefloor.

Crave you (Adventure club remix) - Flight Facilities
Jump to the Barcelona rooftop, jump to Charlie and Alex going downstairs and into the room, jump to the naughty things they're doing in there. YEES! that's the sex scene song.

Terrible Love - The National
Charlie and Alex parting their ways

If I get high - Nothing but thieves
The moment of the crash

Unsteady - X Ambassadors
Charlie wakes up all groggy and finds her way to Prague

The breach - Dustin Tebbutt
Alex wakes up. And let the torture begins. This is not a sexy James Bond torture scene, trust me, I wish it was. But, to me, it's just sad. And I felt so sorry for Alex while writing it. The pain, the thoughts going through his head, his mind slowly fading away as the song plays.

Oceans - Seafret
A bit more of torture. I imagine this as some cheesy soap opera scene, all the scenes Alex and Charlie lived together, being replayed in a montage, helping him face the pain. Sorry, not sorry.

The night we met - Lord Duron
Charlie tries to save him. And you know how that goes.

Enough - John Parry
"I've had enough of doing what you want me to. Enough, I'm doing what I want to do."
Alex meets with Josef. This is a song that matches the situation perfectly .

Magic - Coldplay
"And if you were to ask me after all that we've been through. Still believe in magic, oh yes I do"
Charlie walking in Paris. To me, the story is all about seeing magic when everything has turned to shit. Charlie sees that magic in the world, Alex sees it in her. And that alone makes him feel more hopeful and happier.

Candles - Daughter
The ending scene. At the bridge, with the padlock, when their talking about finding a new place to call home.

Main Theme

As the world falls down - David Bowie
"As the world falls down, falling in love" We don't need subtitles for this one.

Where I wanna be - ARIZONA
"And her hair blows like a lighter in the wind and I lose my senses baby, it gets under my skin.
And when she speaks, she's all I'll ever need. She sets me free, to where I wanna be."
This is the perfect song to describe how Alex feels about Charlie.

Gone - Phlux
A beautiful sad song. And the girl in the music video is basically Charlie. Just watch it and you'll see.

Things we lost in the fire - Bastille
"Things we lost to the flames, things we'll never see again."

Relics to ruins - Funeral Party
Another song about loss. There are too many of them in this world. It's hard to pick.

Where do we go from here? - Ruelle
Cool fact: that was the first title of the book. This was before I came up with an entire series and had to create a pattern for the titles. Also, I thought it was a bit too long, so changing it was probably a good call. All the songs with the title kind of stayed, though.