The Getaways Series

I can't exactly tell how the idea for the series came along. Maybe I just wanted to write the story I wanted to read (don't all writers?). And I do love to read about the lifestyle of the rich and the crooked. Add that to history, art and traveling, you've got everything Erika lives for.

I was also just coming back from a year in Europe, so the story was kind of my way of telling people about the things I've experienced there. I visited almost all the places listed in the book (the ones I didn't I had a lot of help from google maps, street views and the official websites. Thank you, Lord Google!) and was so happy going there. All the places I had only read about, dreamed about... were suddenly in front of me and I was seeing them with my own eyes. It was like going to Hogwarts (okay, not that exciting), but anyways, this is what I love doing in my writing. Adding my little touch of magic with new places and sceneries.

About the characters, well, I had a few a lot ideas for stories I really liked, but it comes to a point in every creative person's life that you have to start picking your battles and, since you can't just abandon your characters, leave them all sad and lonely in some hidden file somewhere, you merge them. You merge the stories into one. This is what happened to the Getaways. The result was a colorful and unique universe that makes my characters' stories even stronger than if they were on their own.

It all starts with Charlie and Alex on Chained to you, but we still have many Von Steins, Californian sunsets and even an European princess to face on the books to come.

I hope you're up for the adventure.